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F1 Magic

Magic makes a great cash crop in production down times. With its short production cycle Magic can be finished in just 7 - 8 weeks from sowing with a minimum requirement of 121⁄2 hour days to initiate flowering. Tolerating light frosts
(to 25ºF/-4ºC), Magic can be produced outside for early season sales. Its compact, floriferous habit makes it well suited to pack sales.

A highly flexible, quick turnaround product.

Cultural Information
Seed Form Natural, Pelleted
Seed Count 581,000/oz - 20,500/g
Garden Height 10" (25 cm)
Garden Spread 12” (30 cm)
Flower Size 1.75" (4 cm)


  • Spring Blossom Mix MIM914
  • Ivory MIM922
  • Red MIM923
  • White Blotch MIM941
  • White Flame MIM936
  • Wine MIM931
  • Yellow MIM926
  • Yellow Blotch MIM942
  • Yellow Flame MIM934
  • Magic Mixed MIM920
  • Orange MIM925
  • Blotch Mix MIM917

F1 Magic Colours

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